Monday, November 9, 2009

Oh Aunt Frankie....

Sarah wants to say Thank you to Aunt Frankie!! I traveled with Sarah to Columbus this weekend. We had a fun time "jamming out" to Wicked ALL THE WAY THERE! That would be 2 1/2 hours worth. That night, my throat was so sore from singing!! Frankie arranged a dinner out with some of her pilate clients she wanted me to meet! Kaitlan, her daughter, took off work to come along too!
Sarah and her 2nd cousin, Kaitlan!

Kaitlan got up early to watch Sarah so Frankie could torture me at TRX!! Frankie.... I was so sore after sitting and driving home on Sunday...I could hardly move!!! I feel much better today!! Thanks for the fun class!!

We all headed to the Columbus MarketPlace then to see Janice at J & J Enterprises for a little shopping at the sample sale!! Thanks to Janice and John for getting us tickets again this year!! Sarah was quite the shopper. In one store, she found a cute little stuffed doggy with no price on him so I told her to go ask the man how much it was. Sarah walked over and this is what went down. Pay close attention ladies.... we could learn a thing or two on how to strike a deal!!

Sarah: Excuse me, how much is this cute little gray puppy? I just love him so much!

Man: (Kneeling down to be at her level) How much is this cute little gray puppy?

Sarah: Yes, this one, from over there.... (pointing) I just love him, he is so, so, cute!

Man: Oh, you do? Well, then, that little puppy is yours. You can just have him!

Sarah: I can? Thank you!! I just love him!

Man: (smiling) You are very welcome!!
Sarah reaching for little gray puppy!! Can you guess what she named him? That's right... Little Gray Puppy!!

Frankie and I hurried her off to the jewelry store to try our luck there!!!