Sunday, November 16, 2008

Busy Weekend!

We had a great time Friday night with our good friends Kathy and Jim. It is always so fun to go out with them. It is great to catch up with old friends. It could be months since we have seen or even spoke to each other but...It is just like it was yesterday, on West 226th Street! What a wonderful time that was ... Kathy and I were stay at home Moms, loving it, and we were together all the time! I really miss those days. So when we get together, it is always a pleasure to be reminded of the days gone by!

YaYa became a Grandmother on Friday the 14th!! I had been explaining it to Sarah and Molly...telling them that Melissa, YaYa's daughter was having a baby. I told them she would get to be a Meme, like me. I told them it would be so exciting for her!! She would have her own grand babies to love and cuddle! Sarah's response... I MISS YAYA! I HAVEN'T SEEN HER IN SO SO LONG. SHE WILL BE A GOOD MEME, DON'T YOU FINK SO?? Yes, Sarah, I think so too! Congratulations YaYa... Welcome to the world...Tyler Michael Fenton-6 pounds, 10 ozs.-18 inches to love!! Congrats to Mommy and Daddy Fenton too...who by the way made my day saying they could not wait for him to meet his YAYA!! Yes, Sarah, I get to be a YaYa now!!!

Oh dear Dagmara...I am going to be sooooo sore tomorrow!!! Thanks for the Saturday Yoga lesson. You are an AWESOME instructor!