Monday, August 20, 2012

"Eat, Drink, and Be Married..."

When Mandy and Mike's wedding invite came,
the back was stamped
"Eat, Drink and Be Married"

I knew it would be a fun affair for sure!

Deb, once again, was asked to do the flowers
because she is so great at it!
Kathy, Mandy and Deb picked flowers at Costco and placed 
the order.  Kathy and Deb picked up the flowers on Friday
morning and came right to Dave's wood shop!
Deb got busy making the bouquets for the wedding party
and she set me up to help with the centerpieces.

The gerber daisies matched the invitation to a tee!

We worked all day long...

We were both so happy to be helping Mandy
make her dream wedding come true!

Their venue was so unique.
A restaurant/bar in the area closed for the day...just for Mandy,
and they put up a tent in their parking lot that is right along side 
their patio~ Cocktails on the patio and in the bar, dinner in the
tent, then dancing inside!

Mandy's nieces Grace and Riley were the flower girls!
Their daddy Blake helped them get ready!

Papa Gary offers some advice~
But his sweet girls are READY!

Mike awaits his bride!

My good friend Kathy looked so beautiful!
Mother of the Bride

Mandy's friend Wendy was pretty as a picture!

Laurie, the flower girls mommy, was 
lovely as well!

Blake starts off with his girl Riley~

Grace is ready to go on her own!

Here comes the Bride~

Mandy was so beautiful and radiant!
Smiling when her eyes met Mike's!

A kiss for his baby girl!

She looks like she is in good hands!

"You may kiss your bride"

One happy couple!

Gray and Kathy with Grace!

Kathy and I pose at an arms length!
I love this girl!

Rick and Janice~
A special hug between friends!

I always love a picture with my favorite Big Guy, Jim!

Kathy does too!

But HIS Kathy loves it best!

The bride and her dad~

Love this!

Mike and Mandy
Mr. and Mrs.

Thanks Mandy and Mike~
I had a fabulous time at your wedding.
I missed Dave, who had a previous commitment on an Oregon
golf course!  I know he was sorry to miss this party!

Hey, how about my dark hair?
Yikes~ I am still getting used to it but
I have to say that I am having a hard time
recognizing myself in the mirror!