Friday, April 19, 2013

Picture Perfect~

Rick and Roxi were CRAZY enough to invite us all to dinner
at their house one night!

The kids were really good~
They just love Rick and Roxi~

The next night we were going to the club for 
Pasta Night~  We always dress up
and take our yearly pictures at the fountain on this
night too!

Beckie, Sarah and Molly~

Bri, Cayden and Mya

Four of my precious gems...
Sarah, Cayden, Mya and Molly

Only missing this Laylabug of mine~
She will be with us all this summer!

With their Meme~

My girls~

My girls and their babies~

The Model
Miss Sarah Rose

Sarah and Molly

The Model
Miss Molly Carolyn

Annual Kissing Photo~

My, how they have grown from the first time we took this photo!

Cayden wanted in on the action too~
He adores his Aunt BB!

Bri and her babies started the tradition too!

How sweet they each are~
Can't tell you how much I love them
because it would take w a y  t o o  l o n g!

Funny girl~

And these two...


We had so much fun taking pictures before dinner...
But we had even MORE fun after!
Wait till you see...