Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Birthday...May 7th

This year the day started out GREAT!!  Dave gave me the gift of jewelry in the morning before he left for the office.  So sweet...wasn't expecting anything!  The girls came, bringing home made cards of love for their MeMe!  Loved that!  Phone calls and texts came... Tegan's said..."Happy Birthday, oh, Mother of Mine!"  Kelley's echoed ...Mom#2!  Dagnara and Danny wished a happy day.  Cayden and Bridget came in... another homemade card... hand print and all!  How full is my life!?!  Friends sent facebook comments and all was good till....

Dave came in the house at about 11:30 saying take me to the hospital.   Chest pains, shortness of breath, dizzy.  SCARY .  So the day was spent at Fairview Hospital.  Admitted.  Heart cath done.  Meigan and Danny sitting with me, waiting.  We laugh now... Found out Dave has a HEART!! Found out Dave has a GOOD HEART!  Of course, I always knew this!!  So now the questions continue.  More tests.  He has not felt well for about 4 months now.  Tightness, trouble breathing, cough, and the list goes on.  Been to a lung specialist since his dr. thought it might be asthma.  Ruled out!  Let's get a stress test... Thursday visit to hospital... Ruled out heart trouble. Thank God.  So more tests.  

Got home from the hospital about 7:30, leaving Dave to rest and watch the CAVS on tv.  Kids were here waiting to take me out to dinner for my birthday.  Dinner ... home to a HUGE ice cream cake and love!  Pictures to come!  Thanks to everyone who made the day so special!  I love you all!