Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Hello!! Here are some shots from our continued tour on Sunday with Luca, our True Roman. We went to the Coliseum and strolled around inside and took some pictures. Luca led us into the ruins and let us explore on our own for a while...

Frankie seems to fit in here... like she is a Italian beauty! Isn't she cute?

Frankie, Julie and Audrey...

Amazing ...

Frankie, Meig, Julie, Audrey and Bonnie... waiting on Luca to pick us up after touring the coliseum. Luca then took us to the spot where the chariots would race... I captured Frankie again looking like she belongs right here in Italy. Humm... maybe she was adopted after all!!! Ha~ did you used to tell your sister she was adopted? We would say that to each other every now and then to tease each other!
The palace on one side of the track.

We saw some fountains in Italy. We wondered how do you get the water into your mouth? Can you figure it out?
Our friend Luca told us the secret to Italy's water fountains... look closely!
You put your finger over the opening so the water squirts up out of a little hole in the pipe!!

Tomorrow's Post... The Vatican!