Sunday, August 31, 2014

Summer Loving~ What a week!

On June 18th, Tegan, Kelley and Layla flew home to Ohio!
We all were excited to see them!  I met Bri half way and picked up
Cayden and Mya since Bri was on call and couldn't get away to come
home.  Cayden and Mya came for the weekend and had to head home to be
in Cyle's step sister Amanda's wedding the following weekend.

Tegan, Kelley, Layla and Sarah were also in a wedding the following weekend~
my nephew Kevin's wedding to his beautiful fiancĂ© Amanda!  It was going to be
a busy two weeks!

First off~ June 19th was Tegan and Kelley's wedding anniversary!
We planned a Painting with a Twist Party!  Dave, Tim, Beckie, Meigan, Dennis, Tegan, Kelley and I
had a great time that night~ drinking wine and painting some art!

Tegan and Kelley then left for the bachelor and bachelorette parties!
This gave me the weekend with these 3 little gems!
Mya, Cayden and Layla sit and wait to the fish in the pond!

We brought the playhouse upstairs and the girls played non stop!

They wrestled their Papa non stop too!

We went swimming!

The girls shared so nice~
Layla is explaining to Mya just why its her turn to paint with water on
the sidewalk~  check out the hands on her hips!

Mya gives in and shares!!

We had nightly campfires!

Meme told some funny stories too!
Cayden had us laughing too!

These girls are so fun together!

Photo shoot...

Papa and his favorite grandson!

We had S'mores~
or just marshmallows!

We played hide and seek~

They ran into the bushes to hide!


They rested on the hammock while Papa/Pop"ay rocked them!

We played princess... a lot!

We painted our nails too!

They held meetings on the steps of my pool~
serious business tackled there each day!


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