Monday, February 15, 2010

Desperate Housewives of Bay Cedar

Here we go again... Roxi and I are once again hosting the "Desperate Housewives of Bay Cedar"!! Dee, Patty, Debbie, Marlene, Meigan, and Janice will be joining us again on Bay Cedar for another fun filled week of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BUT A GOOD TIME! We will eat out, see movies, lay in the sun near the pool, read, rest, laugh, drink, laugh some more and we will do a little shopping too! Jeanette will not be with us this year and we are all so sad about that... we will miss her impressions and her quick sense of humor which always keeps us in stitches!! Hopefully, she will be back in the fold next February!

We have been going together since 2005- the original group being- Patty, Jeanette, Roxi, Me, Dee, and Debbie... back when we all looked like this...
Marlene and Meigan joined in the next year and they're sticking with us! Roxi is already in Florida since she resides there over the winter months! She misses the plane ride down, which is half the fun... just ask Peppermint Patty!
Just so you don't think the women have all the fun... Rick and Dave also host the men, who apparently enjoy cooking at home when they are all together...
Who the hell knew?
They are a funny bunch for sure! It's so great that we have the two houses -- to host so much togetherness!!

For Rhiannon...

One of my blogging friends daughter has started pressing flowers and wonder if any one had ideas what to make with the flowers fresh out of her press! Here's one idea....

Hi Rhiannon... Lynn made me this pretty little heart with a cream colored flower that almost looks like lace!! I can't wait to see what ideas you come up with yourself!
Click on pictures to make them larger!

Isn't it lace-like?
Have fun!