Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Painting with a TWIST!

It started out being an activity Sarah and I could do together 
but it grew into something so much more!!

Painting with a Twist set up a class for Sarah and I.  They sent
a picture of Butterflies~ but Sarah had said she wanted to paint 
an animal so we asked them to change it.  They sent a picture of 
a giraffe and a blue bird in a nest.  
I invited Meigan to bring Danny and Emily.
Bri came into town so I decided to include Molly and Cayden.

Only one problem...
while I got so excited adding more and more kids, I forgot one
important detail.  
You needed to be 7 or older.
I realized this as I was walking in the door.
I said to Diana, the artist who was going to instruct us
that I had gotten carried away and pretty much only Sarah was
of the right age!  She asked if we (Meigan and I) were "staying"?!?! and I replied 
of course!  No problem, she said! 
Thank Goodness

 Cayden & Danny

Meigan and Sarah

Molly and Emily

Diana instructed the artist to paint the blue background first!
Everyone got busy and then had to blow dry the background~

I walked around and supervised the little artists!

Next the artists were shown how to paint the tree branch in 
the picture.  Diana would paint hers just like Bob Ross used
to do on TV!  Remember him?  
"Just paint a little tree right here next to this friend!!"

We were allowed to bring in snacks and drinks~
We took a little break and had chips, juice boxes and fruit 

We continues painting...
adding the giraffe and the nest with the blue bird!

Diana then gave each kid a mask for some pictures~

The group shot...
Just look at all those animals!!
Danny was so glad to have painted a picture for 
his new baby... coming soon!
Emily wants to hang them in the baby's nursery so
the baby will know that his or hers big sister and big brother
painted them just for baby!

Just look at these masterpieces! 






Townsend Cayden's

So much talent under 7 and so much talent over 7 too!!
What a fun activity~ Thanks for 
coming with us Meigan, Danny, Emily, Molly and Cayden!
Sarah and I had a blast!

Thanks to Diana at Painting With A Twist for 
letting us stay!!