Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Team Work~

On Friday afternoon, Molly Carolyn helped bake a cake!
A cake for her Aunt Doodie~
She sent a thumbs up to Bridget to tell her the cake was done
and ready to go to Van Wert!
She was so proud!

Now Molly, you can see what we did with the cake!
Cayden added the frosting
and the sprinkles for his Mommy!
He was so proud too!

Aunt Doodie let Cayden sit with her while we
Happy Birthday!
He always loves that part!
"Singing for you Mommy"
Waiting to blow them out!!
Making a wish!

Cayden said " I wished we could all be friends"
Ha... he cracks us up!
Then is was time to eat the cake Molly and Cayden made!
Hey, Molly,
We did a great job~
The cake is Yummy!
Happy Birthday
Mommy/Aunt Doodie
We all love you!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Smash Face!

Love him!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Birthdays!

Happy Birthday  to 
Donny ~ January 22

Cyle ~ February 4

And my Bridget Diana
January 25
It's alway fun to have a reason to celebrate!
Love them all!

Monday, January 23, 2012

A few changes...

Remember I said I was "sewing".... Here's what I worked on with the help of my good friend Deb...
A window seat cushion, nice enough for little Sarah or Molly to sleep on!
They love the window seat "little bed"!
Next on remodel list is plantation shutters for all windows.
I also made a little runner for the dresser.
The twin guest room has reversal-able  comforters...
so you have solid...
or the leave pattern!
Sarah will love the little peace sign box on the dresser!
Speaking of PEACE... Dave and I saw HAIR yesterday~ it was fabulous!

The master bedroom got a new desk.
A consignment find sine the furniture in the room is blonde and I wanted to 
find something similar.
A little new art for the walls in the kitchen.
On Thursday I checked the mail box and found this...
Sweet Mary Annis bought me a gift certificate to the Xanadu Flame Rock shop we visited at the Flea Market.  She overheard me saying they reminded
me of Colorado rocks and Colorado reminds me of
Tegan, Kelley, Layla and Danny!
She was so sneaky about it because I had no idea until the card came 
in the mail!  I was excited to go back to the shop on Friday!
This is the one I choose!
Not a great picture because you really can't see the beautiful color
of the stone~ 
Thank you Mary Annis!
Have a great week everybody!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Mr. Know It All~

So there.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oh...the talent that runs in our family!

Little Miss Mya
squealing while she rolls over!
She is improving by leaps and bounds!
I love her!

And... for your listening pleasure~
Here is Cayden, singing I Can't Grow
from his new album...
I love this kid!!
He just CAN'T EAT EM!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Playing catch up...

Here at Camp Bonita, as the locals like to call it, the living is easy.
We spend time catching up with old friends,

we share stories,
we read and relax
and there was plenty of laughter and smiles!
Treasures found at the Best Of Everything...
We even made some new friends!
This is Dolly.
She owns Dolly's~ the home of the best pies you have ever eaten!
She is quite the star...
A ball room dancer, who at 78 has won many big tittles!
A little doll!

We gathered to shop together!
Check out the jackets and pants...
It got a little chilly here!
The weather took a turn and the temperature dropped~
Mary Annis got busy baking some of the best cookies
I have ever eaten!
Meigan and Laura made some salsa together...
The sun was still shinning brightly so
we sat out anyway...
We just keep our warm clothes on!
I had a fun few days with these girls!
Thanks for the fun Roxi, Meig, Mary Annis, and Laura!

My sister Frankie came into town with her co workers for the weekend
and then her friend Jodi drove her here for a day!
She is crazy...
But, I love her!

It is so fun to spend time with girls.
Don't you thinks so too?