Wednesday, November 17, 2010

30 Days of Thanks~ #17~ Jack Of All Trades!

Happy to say, my Jack of all Trades is HOME!! I am THANKFUL for Dave! Here he is pulling into the garage...
We have been two ships passing in the night, as they say, and that night was Oct 11th when I returned home from Italy. I had been gone since the 1st! I left early on the morning of the 13 for Colorado. Dave left for his client road trip on the 15th! I came home on the October 24 and Dave, seen here walking in, on November 13th. That is a long time to be apart!!
The family came over to see Papa and have dinner with a game night!
Molly loves her Papa, that I know!
She is looking at me thinking... "Don't expect me to sit on your shoulders Meme~It won't happen!!" Roxi, you remember what happened when she did...RIGHT?
Anyway, I call Dave my Jack Of All Trades because that is just what he is... he can do ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING! He is a carpenter, plumber, architect, electrician, mechanic, mathematician, etc! His day job is financial planner~investment advisor! Dave decided his next "project" would be our entertainment center you see here...
"Let's get a bigger tv", he says," but first I will have to rebuild this center."
So he takes it apart...
and he has been busy for the last two nights in his HE MAN~WOMAN HATER CLUB ~ wood shop! It is going to be fabulous! Just wait and see!!
Don't you worry Miss Sarah Rose... your BUNK BED is next on Papa's TO DO LIST!