Sunday, March 6, 2011

And so the story goes...

As you know, Sarah stayed over night last night to prepare for our big day at the theater. She gave a wonderful report on my last post and promised to let you know how she liked Shrek The Musical! We took some pictures before the show...
Sarah always loves a fancy dress with some sparkly shoes!
And a pretty hairdo~
Does she like posing over and over again because Meme can't take a good picture? NO! But she does it for me!
We did change shoes a couple of times until she decided the hot pink would be PERFECT with her light pink dress!
So sweet~
Then she danced about until it was time to leave for the theater!
In Sarah's words...

"Shrek The Musical was so good. I really think kids who are 3, 4 or 5 would like this show. My favorite part was the fart song. (Surprise, surprise!!) I also liked the little Fiona girl who was only about 5 years old in the show. She was a good singer. At the end, it is fun how they shoot the papers out at the people (confetti), but I didn't get any. You should go see it. Thanks Meme!"

In Meme's words...

"Shrek The Musical was so good! I loved looking over at Sarah and seeing her mouth the words to songs! My favorite part was the little Fiona's singing from their tower~ one about 5 years old, one about 13 years old then the grown Fiona! The costumes were incredible and this play was so enjoyable! Taking Sarah to the theater is always such a treat for me. She is so very attentive, clapping so hard for the performers and then getting teary eyed at the end when we give them a standing ovation. I usually have her in my arms and get to see the look on her face as they take their bows~ PRICELESS! Thanks Rosie for being my special date at the theater! I love that you share my passion for music and plays! I love you!