Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bongo River~ Part Three

Wednesday morning we woke with the sun...
this is our view from the bed!

We dress in our suits... I way over packed, even tho I only
had a carry on bag, I still could have left clothes at home!
We walked the beach~ exercise,

 then head back for smoothies and breakfast!
 Every morning at Milarepa, I enjoyed the avocado scramble, eggs, cheese, avocado with
"Pinto"~ their rice and black beans!  Yum!  Dave had a variety~ eggs, coconut french toast, etc.
I wish I took more pictures~  I realize I did not get one of the restaurant but it
is much like this one...
This is next door at Florblanca~ 

Just notice how their are no exterior walls~ Same at Milarepa, 
only on a smaller scale.  Tables and wall beams all made of Teak~
so beautiful!

Then we jump into the car to head up to the Bongo River!
We take the High road this time and then at the Dorado restaurant
you can take a road that leds right to beach.  Cars, quads, and even horses
ride the beach to the Bongo river!
Dave likes to go fast!  We didn't rent a quad this time but if
we did... I would drive my own!!  He is too crazy for me!
Weather is in the high 80's and just so beautiful!
See me holding on for dear life?
The Bongo River...
They say crossing this river is tricky~ many cars get stuck and
there really is no one around to help!  

I look like some kind of tourist~ right?

Loved taking pictures of the beach~

We had lunch again at Dorado~ Manuel hooked us up with Ava from
Sapoa Adventures for horseback riding the next day!  She makes the call on the spot
for us and we are good to go!  We end up meeting up with Ava again the next night 
when we have dinner at Florblanca, she works there as well!

We head back to our pool...
Here is a shot from Milarepa's restaurant towards pool
and our bungalow!

We shower, change for dinner and head down the road a bit
to La Rey Patricios
You had to climb about 50 stairs up to the most darling 
restaurant and hotel~ two small rooms and 2 bungalows
Kim and Lee, along with their two children, moved here from 
Miami to rent and run this little business!   They live right above the bar and the kids
do online schooling!  It is all under a thatched roof and you can see right over
the trees to the ocean!  They made us feel so welcome!  They had a chef from Argentina 
and our dinner was just so good!  He made the most creative desserts we have
ever had~ Wonderful!

Tomorrow is our riding tour on horses~ a 2 1/2 hour ride up the mountain and
down to the beach!  We are to meet Juan, our guide, at 1:15.

We have one more drink then head to bed!
Guess what time it was?