Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sapoa Adventure ~ Horseback riding! Part Four

We woke early on Thursday, waked the beach, then had breakfast
at Milarepa.   We spent the morning laying around the pool.
Look closely... under Dave's chair~ we made a new friend who
followed us everywhere and slept outside our bungalow
for the rest of the trip!
She did not belong to the owner of Milarepa so no one knew her
name... we named her Guapo! 
So relaxing!

We were meeting our guide, Juan at Dorado, so we went early for lunch!
We shared the best chicken salad, salsa, guac, and chips~ and some Ceviche!
Juan was right on time and was just the most delightful young man!
He spoke fluent english and seemed like a most sincere fellow!
We got into our car together and drove to the estate of Nat and Mary, which 
was north of Manzanillo.  They own 2,000 hectres!  Thats a lot of land!
We got to the stable and met the cowboy who manages the horses.
Dave was to ride Pinto, and I got to ride Rosetta!
I am sorry not to have better pictures of Juan, who we ended up having
dinner with as well!  What a great friend we made in this man!
He is 28 years old and was born on the main land of Costa Rica.
Juan is an only child who left home to better himself at concierge 
college.  He worked for Florblanca for many years and now with 
Sapoa Adventures.  He was quite knowledgable about the wildlife, trees, 
and Costa Rica in general.
Our ride take us up the mountain on the land~

The living fences keeping cattle in!
Cowboy opened all the gates!

Birds a plenty along the way!

Here are the cattle... 
As we passed this guy, he sort of "growled" at us!
I said "Hurry along Rosetta!!"
How fun this was... scenery so beautiful!

Sky so blue!

So happy we did this!
Dave did it for me really...I just love horses!
Love this picture!

We make it back to the road and follow it~
Through a beautiful field~

Right to the Beach!
This was pure heaven!

After our ride, we get dinner with Juan and visit a bit longer!
When we get back to Milarepa, Andie is curious about our day~
She asked about which horse tour we went on and we share about the beautiful
land we were on.  We are surprised when another dinner guest sitting at the bar says
she is Mary~ it was her land!  She is kind and friendly just like everyone else here!!
We have dinner~ just salads and head to our bungalow~
Guapo is right behind us!