Friday, June 4, 2010

Eyes don't Lie!

Last year some time, Sarah began wearing a pair of my old glasses without the lenses in them. She would say, "Meme, I really do need them! They help me see better!" We all would just giggle and let her wear them.
Soon she took an old pair to school. She would sit to do her work sheet and stop and tell the teacher she needed her glasses out of her book bag. Little did we know, she REALLY did need glasses. At her Kindergarten screening, she failed her eye test. Showing 20/60 in both eyes. WOW! Just look at these Fake ones...
So off the the eye doctor they went! Sarah did get glasses! She is happily reporting being able to see "really, really, good now"! She looks absolutely adorable too!
She tells people... as she taps on the lenses- "Look, they are REAL!" She is precious to me.

Girls are here for the day. Justin Bieber was on the Today show and we really jammed out to Baby, Baby, Baby! Look at my babies...

Just Sugar and Spice...
and everything so nice!