Saturday, November 16, 2013


It all started for me when Kelley told me to get the app called BITSTRIPS!

My friends Suzy and Melissa turned me onto to THE WALKING DEAD
just a few weeks ago.  I watched the first episode from Season 1 and I was 
hooked... and I don't even like ZOMBIES!
When I asked Tegan if he watched it he said
"Mother, its 2013... Where have you been?"
I sat and watched every season~ then saw the BITSTRIP above!!

Then Bri made herself an aviator 
and punked me!

Kelley got me too...
We love those spooky movies, her and I~
I love popcorn too!

Kelley got Tegan~

Tegan got Kelley~

Kelley mentions Dave!

Bri has a little fun with it!

But the real stuff happened between Tegan and Bri~

Look out!

Take that!

Oh it's on NOW!

Tegan fights back!

There's is way too much fun going on over Facebook
these days!