Thursday, December 27, 2012

Shut the Front Door!

There is one group of friends that I have...
We call ourselves the
"Hollar & Swallor" group after our
fun trip to Nashville, where in every bar ... well, that's
just what you do!

Dave and I love to play the game Shut the Box.
Dave decided he would make his own version in his wood shop
for our Hollar and Swallor group!
He got busy...

Looking good!

The finished project...

They loved their gifts!
Oh that Honey Jack!
We are a good looking bunch!
Shut the ...
was a big hit!
Someone won $80.00!
It was not me

Sunday, December 23, 2012

If you break it... they will fix it!

The little gems, all but Layla :`(  
joined Meme to bake some Christmas cookies!
I channeled Grammy Gert and baked the best Brown Sugar
Cookies EVER!
Sarah, Cayden, Molly and Mya got busy decorating~

Mya had a fun weekend with Meme!
She is such a little lovebug~
Her big brother is so patient with her!
We took them home to Van Wert and we
went with Cyle and his family to their new business~
Van Wert Glass!
Cyle and Bridget bought this business and are
the new owners!
If you break it... they will fix it!
Cayden gives the company van a thumbs up!
He is excited to come to his Daddy's work~
Playing in the Mommy's office!
"Hello, Van Wert Glass, can I help you?" says Cayden.
Mya wants to work here too!
Congrats to the Wilkinsons~
Cayden and Mya at Van Wert Glass!

It's an exciting time for them~ 
Keep up the great work Cyle and Bridget!

Friday, December 21, 2012

2012 Recital~

 Molly was excited for her violin recital!
Beckie and Molly~
Meme and Molly~
Ready to go~
Oh Come All Ye Children
She was so great...
take a listen...

Setting up to play with all the students as they play some Christmas
She played her song again with everyone then
Miss Molly, her teacher, had them play Jingle Bells really slow...

So proud of this little girl!

Miss Molly's older students played then and I loved seeing how
my Molly watched her teacher! 

Molly Carolyn...
Keep up the great work on your violin playing!
One day you just might be a STAR...
Oh wait...

Monday, December 17, 2012

Santa ... on the train!

Our friend Gary works for Norfolk Southern and invited us to 
bring the kids to meet Santa!
We all meet up in Gary's office!
Gary and his granddaughter Grace~
Cayden is very happy to see "Mr Gary"!
They are good friends!
There was a big room with a tree and train going around it and
Cayden was excited about that!!
We were told the train was on its way...
We lined up at the yellow tape to wait!
So many friends and loved ones here~
Gary is about to retire and everyone who works for him is
so sorry to see him go!  
Here it comes...
Little ones were so thrilled!

Here comes Santa!

Cayden watches as Mr Gary greets Santa!
Santa is happy to see so many friends!

High fives... all around!
Santa had an elf with him too!
These guys will do anything for Gary!

Danny and Cayden were so excited to go on the train!

Great fun!

They even went up to the tower!
Our group with Santa for pictures!  Riley was needing
to stay right with Daddy!

On the caboose!
Sarah, Danny, Emily and Grace!
Molly and Cayden
Riley, Blake and Gary!
Littlest angel... Mac!
Isn't he dreamy?
Mac and his mommy, Katie~
Monty, Nina and Simon came too!
Here's Monty and Nina having some goodies!
Cayden liked the frosting!

Santa and Cayden

Santa, Sarah, Molly and Cayden~

Santa with Sarah and Molly~

Gary had goodies in his office for the kids too!
What a fun, fun afternoon!
Thanks you Gary~
It meant so much to one little conductor~

He thinks you are 
And so do I~
Happy retirement~ you deserve it after all
the years with the railroad!
Dave and I are looking forward to traveling
with you and Kathy!

See you tomorrow~