Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Some Precious Things... Part One

I had a fun little visit with Cayden and Mya 
this past week~ 
I met Bri half way and 
then brought Cayden and Mya home
with me on Thursday till yesterday!

Here is part one~

Bob stopped over and took Cayden for a spin
in his little MG~
He loved it!
 Beep Beep!

Cayden and Mya love playing in
the playhouses,
just like Sarah and Molly do!

Just swinging his little "sisser"

Cayden loved to climb to the bunk area!

On Friday we went to the Wakeman Library for
story time with Molly and Aunt BB!
Miss Stacey played "BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ"
and the kids got to wave wands with streamers!

Mya was great at it!

So very fun!
Cayden loved it too!
And Molly really had it down!

After the library we headed to the 
Roller Skating Arena
for Molly's Preschool Graduation Party!