Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Princess at the Palace... Palace Theater, that is!

Molly and I went to the Cleveland Playhouse to see this...

As you know, we shopped first and Molly picked just the right dress to wear!  Her sister Sarah is usually my theater date but not this time~  Molly was getting to have a turn going to the theater with Meme!  She was so excited!

We took a few pictures before we left... just us girls!

We were so excited!

She also got a new coat and hat...

She looked adorable!!  All our friends in the red coats at the theater stopped by our seats to say Hello to her and tell her how darling she looked!   She told them all it was her "FIRST TIME"!  The parking attendant, who was a kindly grandpa kind of guy,  even blew a kiss her way and said 
"Enjoy the show little darling"

Using my Iphone, we snapped a few in the lobby!

A Princess at the Palace!

On our way out we pass thru the room with a ceiling that is full of stars...

and just like her sister Sarah, Molly took the time to lay down and look up at all the twinkling stars!

Oh what a fun day!  The play was very good~ Molly loved her big day with Meme!  She hugged me and thanked me for asking her this time!    She kept saying... "They are really real up there!"  
I love our Playhouse Square Theater District!  We are so lucky in Cleveland to have it!   
Now... who gets to see The Adams Family with me?  Meme only has two seats....

We're off to see the WIZARD!

And Molly choose this DRESS...

We are off to see The Wizard Of Oz~
We will share a review once we get home!