Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Talk About Tuesday!

So who ends school at the beginning of the WEEK??  Here is Sarah Rose preparing to leave for her last day at Best Beginnings.  Now she is officially a STARS, TOO!  She is sad that I will not be her teacher in my old room next year BUT...I have assured her Miss Connie and Miss Gloria are the BEST!!

Molly can't get close enough to her cousin Cayden!  She jumped right up onto the table. we climb on furniture at MeMe's?  Apparently ... WE DO!
I am excited to be taking part in a blog swap with !  It is for everything summer!!  I am not sure it is summertime doesn't seem to want to cooperate with us!  Things I plan to do today so that I feel like it is summer....

                  1. Take cover off pool
                  2. Set out furniture around said pool
                  3. Enjoy the sunshine that we have right now!!

Hope your Tuesday is good to you!