Monday, November 16, 2009

Did You Know...

Sarah and Molly .... Did you know that your mommy Beckie used to ride a pony just like you do? Its true, she used to ride the same pony her Daddy, your Papa, used to ride.

She also rode one at her GG's house!! Here Mommy and your GG have fun together. Your GG just loved your Mommy so so much!!
Did you know that Mommy went to St Bernadette's for 1st grade? This is your Mommy getting on the bus for her first day of school in first grade, the very grade your Mommy now teaches!!

Here is a picture that your GG took of Mommy. GG alway took lots of pictures and...
she ALWAYS wrote on the back of them!! Here is what she wrote on the back of the scooter picture...

Mommy had a best friend named Katie Ward in second grade! They made their first communion together and were in Ms. Mengay's second grade classroom!

Wasn't Mommy so cute in third grade??

When Uncle Tegan was born, your Mommy sure loved him so much!! She liked to pretend he was her very own baby! She learned how to take good care of a baby so she could grow up to be such a good Mommy to you!! She always talked about how she wanted to me a TEACHER and a MOMMY when she grew up!! And just look... she is both now!!

Mommy would sing into the microphone... just like you Sarah, and she would have Aunt Doodie and Uncle Danny sing back up for her!! Mommy was always the boss of them!! Ha!

Did you know your Mommy had a kitty? Yes, she did!! His name was Ozzie and she just loved him so much! Mommy was very allergic to Ozzie but she didn't care.... sneeze after sneeze... !!

She shared him with Uncle Danny and Uncle Tegan too!

Just look at Mommy with her favorite person in the whole world!! Can you see who it is? You tell Meme!!

Mommy still loves Uncle Tegan so much!! Uncle Tegan and Mommy smile for a picture on Uncle Tegan's communion day!

Isn't it fun to see Mommy when she was a little girl? She sure did some of the same things you like to do. Hope you learned alot about Mommy today! Give her a hug and tell her you love her so, so, so much!! Meme sure does!!