Wednesday, August 12, 2009

As requested...

Cyle, Cayden's daddy, brought one of the baby bunnies into the house to show Cayden. Cayden was not afraid at all of the bunny... Unlike Meme, who totally FREAKED!!

Just so you know... No bunny was injured in the above picture even though it looks like Cayden might have hurt him!!

Our baby bunnies from the front yard have grown big enough to leave their nest with their mommy! It was so fun for the girls and Cayden to have them nest in our front yard!!

You Capture... Motion!

It's that time again... You Capture!  Beth at I should be  folding laundry set the new challenge :  MOTION.  My entry is Sarah jumping off the edge of the pool to her float at our Florida home in Bonita Springs!

Just look at that form... toes pointed, legs straight, arms out ...

and then she sails across the pool!

Now for the shot of my husband, the wizard, practicing his broom flying skills!! 

Taking BALLET  to new HEIGHTS with Uncle Dan!
 So fun!  See more here!

Wordless Wednesday