Monday, May 9, 2011

Big News Videos!

Molly started to ride a two wheeler. She picked it up fairly easy.

Sarah seemed a little more unsure of it but once she saw her sister do it....

She did it too! Great job Sarah... I told you the faster you pedal, the easier it is!

Wishbone Day 2011

Friday, May 6th was Wishbone Day! Bridget and I were in South Carolina at the Comfort Inn, our stop on our travels home from Florida! Woo Hoo!
Friday morning we woke and Cayden put on the shirt his mommy made for him!
The back says... "I have an Unbreakable Spirit" And he does!

Mommy and Mya look cute too in their Wishbone shirts or as Cayden calls them... "BROKEN BONES SHIRT"!!

A very happy boy at breakfast! He says hello to everyone! He made friends with many on our travels! Maybel, the waitress, loved him so very much! She asked us about the shirts and then went to search for something YELLOW to pin to her uniform!

So many friends commented on Facebook(Chris, Mel, Roxi, Meigan, Katy) and my blog (Gina, Sheila, Keetha, Chrissy,Tanner, Becky, and Bridget) that they too, were wearing something YELLOW for Cayden!

Maybel took this picture for us before we hit the road!

Meigan sent this picture on her phone!

Roxi sent this picture on her phone!
Sarah Rose made a t shirt and sent a picture to Aunt Doodie (Bri) so I don't have it to post here! Katy posted her picture on facebook from her classroom!

We wanted to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you who took the time to think about Cayden that day! We love you all!

I have so so much to post about the rest of our trip! Stay tuned!