Tuesday, February 15, 2011

LOVE can build a bridge..

There is a whole lot of building going on around here...

A sister lays out the blocks,
A brother starts to stack them,
She watches his every move...
And she is in complete AWE of him! Mya loves her brother more and more each and every day!
Just look at her face~ she can't believe he can do that!

Cayden has found Uncle Tegan's micro machine cars...
He loves them!
He loves finding all the little secret compartments they hide!

More building is going on out in the wood shop! Papa is building Sarah and Molly a set of bunk beds!
A labor of LOVE!
These beds will have no nails... they are tongue and groove. I am sure that is not the proper name for this work... I will correct later!!
The bottom bunk will be a full size bed while the top bunk will be a twin bed!
The girls will have so much fun sleeping together on this fun bed! More pictures to come!

I am off to Florida on Thursday... oh I just can't wait to feel the sunshine on my face!