Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Family Feud... In-Laws vs. Out-Laws!

Our Sarah Rose is under the weather... Molly too. Fevers, chills, just feeling yucky. Sunday they spent the evening just laying around.
Meanwhile... Cayden is really walking now. He wants to go, go, go! Fingers crossed he builds some good bone density and stays up on his feet without breaking anything this time!!
Monday rolls in and Beckie sits outside with Sarah, reading a Ramona book she found here at the Inn. Sarah is feeling a little better.
Dave and I sit on the lift and wait for Tegan. Dagmara took this shot of us!
Dag, Danny, Tegan, Dave and I hike up Powderhorn to the site of the bachelor party campfire. Dagmara takes this picture for us!
Dave and Dagmara... deep in conversation. Something about lungs??
Later, Dave took these four to rent four wheelers. Donny and Beckie stayed back to be with the girls, who still didn't feel good.
They went up to Thunder Mountain Lodge and set out on the Mesa.
They came back with some beautiful pictures... they saw awesome lakes.
That night in the Bear's Den, at the Inn, we played some games together. Notice the chalk board in the Bear's Den. Scottie decorated this last Friday. The quiet please was for the motorcycle group who came and invaded our space for the night. They were really nice guys and they left early Sat and we had the Inn to ourselves again!!
Molly, Cayden and Sarah... girls are feeling better and they are reading to play.
Sarah invites Cayden to the reading bookshelf and shares a book with him.
We divide into two teams... THE OUTLAWS... Born and raised true LESJAKS!
and the IN-LAWS, those of us who became LESJAKS by marriage!
Cayden is loving this game!!
Soon after, some played Rummikub...
Others UNO!
Girls played with balloons and ran around!
I loved sitting across from Tegan and looking at this... the wedding ring on his left hand.

Staying at the Wildwood Inn has been such a blast. The longer we stayed, the more we loved it!
This is Nicky, the innkeeper. Nicky is my new BMF~ Best Mesa Friend. From the minute I met her, I knew I liked her! She made our stay so great, always ready to take care of any little thing we needed. Powderhorn is so lucky to have her! We have told her she must come to Cleveland and visit...

Look at my family....
I am blessed....