Sunday, May 20, 2012

Time for a Baby Shower!

First of all...
Big News~
Roxi is HOME!
Well, home as in PA but she is closer than FlA!

She jumped in her car and drove here Saturday so we
could have a Baby Shower for our friend Sharon's 
daughter in law, Stephanie and her son Craig.

Molly and Sarah were here too, for the weekend,
so they were big helpers!  They helped with everything from
cleaning fire pit chairs, and gardening, to helping with
party favors with Roxi!
We had the party outside today~ overlooking our beautiful 
newly planted garden!  More on that next post!
Stephanie's new baby will sleep in a  room that is themed with 
the color PURPLE~
So was our little shower!

We had a special spot for our "Grandma to be" Sharon!
Our gift table before the guests arrived~
borrowed the clothes line idea from Meig~ 
so cute!
Deb made our centerpieces...
Adorable Pin Wheels in Purple!
She is so creative! 
Aren't they darling?
The dessert table inside...
It's A GIRL!
Our guests settling in, listening to Roxi giving her "speech"!
Thanking those who baked, cooked, and shopped to
help with this shower! Our showers are 
a Team effort but...
Ha, I always make her do the talking at showers!
I have power over some ONE!
Craig and Stephanie with Sharon and Deb
Sharon, a.k.a. Grandma to be, takes a peek in her
little gift basket!  Sweet things like a brag book, & bibs 
professing the baby's love for GRANDMA were
just a few of the things she found!
Our guests of honor,
Stephanie and Craig, a.k.a. 
start to open their treasures!
Stephanie was delighted with each little sleeper, 
dress or bib!
Craig enjoy listening to the little rattles that he was
sure he would hear over and over
again once the baby is here!
We loved how he choose to attend because 
after all
"It's my baby too", he said!
He opened a few gifts too!
Then he practiced his "burping" skills!
We think he's got what it takes
to be a great Daddy!
They received so many great things~
Deb made sweet burp clothes
for them to use!
I choose from the registry, the Bumbo seat and tray!
Lin, Kathy, Patty, Janice, Carol and Marlene
got them a car seat and a baby swing!
Roxi gave them a play gym~
Pretty in Pink!

We had a lovely time 
and I know the new parents to be
left here feeling friendship and love 
from all of us who showered 
them today!

When asked how many children we could
expect from them, they both answered the same!
We look forward to meeting this new little girl, 
maybe REESE?,
the one who will make them parents,
and even more exciting...
Sharon a Grandma