Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mother's Day...

I will start this post by saying our sweet Laylabug is 7 months old!
She continues to delight all who know and love her!!

On Sunday, Mother's Day, Sarah and I went to the theater to see...

We dressed in our Sunday best...
And Sarah even put a little lipstick on too!
She looked super cute! The play was good but we felt bad for the man who played Tony because he could not keep up with the girl who played Maria. Her voice was so wonderful and he had a hard time blending in... it was disappointing. Sarah loved the dresses and the fun dancing!

After the play we met Dave, Danny, Donny, Beckie and Molly at Olive Garden for dinner! Uncle Danny gave Sarah a spin... I am sure she thought she was Maria and Dan, her Tony! She kept singing~"I fell pretty, oh so pretty"!

Two silly girls and their Meme at dinner!

On Friday the 13th, Beckie took me, Sarah and Molly to Blossom Music Center to see Sugarland! It was my Mother's Day gift! We had lawn seats and luckily the rain held off! Here's Molly, excited to use her binoculars when the show starts!

The girls loved laying on the blanket before the show but once the music started they were up dancing the night away!
My sweethearts...
To all my children... Thanks for a great Mother's Day! You all make me so proud to be your Mom!