Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cayden meets an old friend!

What a fun time we had at the Cleveland History Museum this afternoon! Cayden was excited to be going to see the dinosaurs!
Cayden was fascinated with the swinging sphere...
As the earth moves, the sphere knocks down dominoes! Little dinosaurs sit on top of the dominoes awaiting their fate!
"OH No, Meme..."
We saw some snakes!
So much to see... you had to look high and low!
Cayden ran from each exhibit shouting, "Wait a minute...LOOK!"
Calling out who's bones he was looking at... people around us were amazed at the little guy who knew so much about bones!
At this point, he spots the T Rex and ...
The Long Neck!
Cayden pretends to be a turtle!
We stop in the Discovery Zone to play with the dinos~
Cayden pointed out all the animals for Papa~
This little guy was never bored~ just so excited to see everything in every window display!
"Look at the little mouse"
The Museum Store was a fun place too!
Here's Jane... the Juvenile Tyrannosaurs!
Steggie was waiting outside for us and Cayden made a new friend!
"I ride his tail!"
"Good bye friend! I will come back with Mommy and Daddy!"