Sunday, April 12, 2015

Easter... Just full of SURPRISES!

Kelley, Tegan, Papa and I planned a big surprise!
We had Kelley and Layla fly in on March 26th!
We didn't tell the others so they would get a big surprise!

Layla is growing up so very fast!
My littlest gem...
Princess Layla!

Kelley at the the gate-
ready for some fun in the sun and a 
break from school!

I was so excited to spend a week with them before 
the rest of the gang got here!  It was so hard not to post
or talk about the trip!

Kelley and Layla had lots of fun in the pool

Layla was always busy playing!
She would go back and forth...
inside - outside!

We took Layla to the beach and she
She just kept dancing around saying 

We built a sandcastle!

We played in the water and sand all day long!

We went to pasta night at the club and Layla was so thrilled to meet
little Marco, my friend Joyce's grandson!
After dinner we went to see Cinderella with Roxi!

It was so good!

Kelley practiced baking her cupcakes for the wedding in August!
She baked on Thursday so when Beckie, Tim and the girls 
got here on Friday,  the cupcakes would be ready to sample!

Summer Shandy Cupcakes
They were delicious!

On Friday morning we heard that these
two had just crossed the Florida State Line!

We opened the pool gate...
ready for the tradition of running from the car
right into the pool!
Here they come!

They spy Layla on the side of the pool with Aunt Kelley!
Wahoo!  Surprise!

Then it was time for the adults to have the 
"First Drink Of Vacation"

Lots of pool time on Friday!

The next day, Saturday, Bri, Cayden and Mya were to arrive!
We could hardly wait!