Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Egg Hunt!

The Pelican's Nest always has a nice Easter Egg Hunt the Saturday before Easter Sunday!
The Easter Bunny always makes an appearance!
Mya and the Bunny

Cousins!  Cayden and Sarah

Meme, Mya and Molly


Mason and Papa

Beckie and Tim

Ice Cream!

So pretty!

Just like Mommy!

Cayden and Mya were excited they were in the same age group for the games!

Off on the Hunt!

Papa and Bri chat on the sidelines!

Bigger kids waiting to play their games!

Bri, Mya and Cayden

The Churches

Molly setting up for the egg race!

Cayden and Mya ready to go too!

Who will win?

Back home and the kids... I mean big kids take some time in the pool!

Meanwhile, the younger kids relax and chill with some gaming.
Taking a break from the sun~ These 3 burn really easily!

Molly... who tans like a champ has some fun with Papa!

Days are flying by...