Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Is there a troll living under your bridge?"

I was subbing at school again yesterday, so Beckie asked if I would take Sarah to her 4 year checkup at the peds offfice.  No shots... just a well visit to have the medical for school signed off.
To get to the building you must cross a bridge.  Once in the little room, the doctor came in and Sarah asked the question, the one weighing heavy on her mind since we crossed that bridge.  Dr. Schollenberger told Sarah she had seen ducks, geese, and maybe a turtle or two, BUT never a troll!  Big smile for Sarah...  on to the exam.  I was really proud of her this time!  Since her mom is a school teacher, she can't always make these appts and I remember taking Sarah last year.  At 3, your mind just goes to the shots!  You cry, your scared, and boy was she!!  No matter how many times I told her NO SHOTS... at 3, your not listening to a thing anyone says, your are just watching for the needle!  She was asked to draw a square, something she could do at 3... no way.  Draw a picture of a person, yep, she could, but no way.  Say your ABC, oh yeah, but, again, no way!  This year was such a different, pleasant experience!! Sarah did not stop talking.  
Dr.- Can you count?
Sarah- Oh I can count all the way to 100!
Dr. -Can you draw this?  (She draws a square)
Sarah- I don't really think so, I'll try... (Sarah draws a square)
Dr.- Draw a person please.
Sarah- Sure! (draws a stick figure)
Dr.- Who is that person?
Sarah- (takes pencil back and writes) SARAH  B
Dr.- WOW that's a first!!  No one ever just writes the answer to my question!!!

Now those of you who know Sarah well, know that she is really kinda smart.  She is "hooked on phonics" and doing some reading, she writes everything.  She spells out words in the car to have you guess them.  Really clever in so many ways... just one question you might have?  The B- not her middle initial, she knows she is a Rose, not her last name initial, she knows she is a Walton. 

Meme- what is the B for Sarah?
Sarah- nothing... I can just make them really good now!
Oh, and the troll thing?  "I just really wanted to see one!!" 

       This girl is ready for Kindergarten next year, for sure!!