Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Meme's Newest Gem...

She is so special!
Layla Lynn enjoying the little mobile on her swing!

Meme had a little photo shoot... surprise, surprise!

Just look... Layla even smiles for Meme!

A little hand holding my cross... she has captured my heart! I can't wait for her Papa to meet her!

Speaking of Dave~ I happen to see the email he sent to friends and just wanted to share it...

Hi all, Diana has left me for another woman- Layla Lynn Lesjak was born to Tegan and Kelley yesterday! Since Diana is on a plane already to help them out, I have been given the job of letting some of you know...... God help me! I'll apologize now for missing some.

Looks like it's a trifecta with the Murts and Wegry's. We'll all have to get together for a "coming out" party!

Anyway , Layla was 7lbs, 3 oz with blond hair-

Knowing Diana, her blog: will have hundreds of pictures by this afternoon!

See you soon,


Left him for another woman? Ha!