Sunday, August 18, 2013

More of my Birthday Girl~

Our Mya...

Birthday fun...
A cake to share with Cayden!
Mya loves riding her bike and racing
her big brother!

Around and around she goes... trying to catch him!

Always watching him, she wants to be just like him!
Cayden is her HERO because when she sees a bug, or just can't
peddle her new bike, he will run to help her!
She is one happy birthday girl!
UNTIL... kick ball fight!!
Who will win?
Oh... the victor!
And the dejected sister!
Cayden is competitive like his Mommy!
Here's our beloved, MYA the CRYA~
So upset not to have the ball!
Just look at that posture~ so upset
But only till she sees the tunnel!
So over that game!

At Aunt Amanda's, she finds the tire swing and 
spins, and spins!

She is truly such a fun, sassy little girl!
She is becoming so confident~
ready to start preschool on Wednesday!
What a character is really is!

Happy Happy Birthday Mya Brynn
Don't EVER change!