Thursday, September 5, 2013

Off To camp we go..and home again with 2 extra in the car!

Sarah, Molly and I headed to Pa to visit
Roxi and Rick for a fun weekend!
Little Levi was there too and it was so fun for my gems 
to meet one of Roxi's little stars!
Levi kept calling Sarah his "big friend"~
He was so adorable!

Sarah and Molly started catching little toads for everyone!

Roxi had little containers to hold them for a while~
but Sarah and Molly always 
catch and release!

Look how adorable this child is...
Beautiful eyes that speak to you!

What an adventure!

Before we left Sarah house, she showed me a magazine about 
Mud Week!  Once she put her suit on, she decided to
get  MUDDY herself!

Molly was a little more cautious about the mud!

Oh my, how I love this girl!

Levi wanted to be right in on the action!

"these friends are funny!" 

People pay a lot of money at the spa for this treatment!

Clean up was easy!

Peek a Boo with Meme

Levi was so happy to spend time with his Papa!

Nature walk up to the falls!
Sarah and Molly collected things to
put on picture frames they were going to make!

At the falls...
Adventure girl~ climbing!

Back at camp, the girls get busy painting while our little friend Levi 

This swing is always a big hit!

Frames are dried and finished!

Time for a four wheeler ride!

Love how this little guy hangs on...
Look at those sweet hands!

Swing all day and night!

Jump on board!

They make it look easy...
They say "Come on Meme~ try it"
Sarah says she'll get the picture if I do!

Can you hear me screaming?
When it swings out ... its high over the ground!
I am afraid of heights people!
Molly had my camera...
Sarah had my phone!
She worked so hard to get a shot of my face from below but alas...
this is what she got!!  HA!

Roxi's neighbor Fred's cat had kittens!  
Oh boy ~ how lucky for the girls!
Molly picked this one up for a cuddle!

Sarah went right for the carmel colored one!
This kitten seemed to speak to her!

He would just snuggle in her arms!

"Please Meme, can we have one"
came from both of them!!

Levi liked it when someone else was holding them!

Molly then found this one ...
and she was sure it was the one!
Commence with the begging!

After some begging
and crossing their fingers, bodies, eyes and 
making a video- sent to their mom...
She said YES!

Thank you Rick and Roxi for a fun time at camp!

Our goodbye pictures at the sign~

Molly decided to name her kitty, Ashley!
Molly and Ashley

Once home, the girls shared their new pets with Cayden and Mya!

How exciting, RIGHT?