Monday, March 23, 2015

Making a a house a HOME~

I've been working on changing a few things here

New coffee table~
Recycled from the ReStore Shop!
I am thrilled with it!

A new entertainment center too!
Tv is being replaced next year and will be one that hangs on the wall.
I love this piece too!

I have done well here in Florida~
I face time with my gems often!

They send kisses and lots of love my way!

We even have our little Walton girls trying to work a sales pitch 
on Meme and Papa to move near them!  They are 
the cutest... but the move will never happen as it
is just too far form friends and all our activities we are
involved in!

Layla is learning some gaming from her Papa Tegan!
She is online with her cousins Kevin and Ryan...
I hope they aren't teaching her anything they shouldn't be!
Oh my just look at her toes!  Love her!

She loves it!

Big things to come~
Easter Bunny is nearly here!

Thursday, March 12, 2015


I know a few gems who really are OUTSTANDING!

Cayden has really become quite the hunter!
He's been doing some trapping!

But I think his new hobby seems to have a big hold on him...
and his little sister too!


Ice Fishing!

Oh My GOODNESS... how cute is he!

Mya likes it but I think she likes hanging in the tent with
the heater on too!

Just being with her Daddy and Cayden makes this girl HAPPY!

Here's how the BIG  FISH STORY goes...

"I was so warm out there!  Daddy had the heater on
high.  Daddy caught 2 fish and I caught FOUR!  And mine
was the BIGGEST...A BLUE GILL... 

These two have a lot of stories to share with each other!

Monday, March 9, 2015

My Life~

Tim proposed to Beckie!
That's right... They are blending a family and
Dave and I could not be more thrilled and happy for our
girl Beckie!

Beckie, Tim and the Fab Four!

Mason, Julia, Sarah and Molly~

It happened just before Christmas~ Tim asked Dave a few nights before
Christmas.  Then Tim and Beckie wrapped the ring in box after box 
and called the kids together.  They told them to go upstairs and open
the gift and come down with an answer!
It was a YES!

We had a fun Christmas at Aunt Sue and Uncle Mike's house!
Meme and Sarah looking at pictures on the phone. 

Sarah took some cute ones!
Here's her Mom, Beckie!

Here's Papa!

Christmas at our house was the weekend of January 9~
We missed Tegan, Kelley and Layla so much!
We did have Danny this year and it was a fun treat!

Papa opening his present!

Mason and Cayden working on a Dino Dig!

Mya and her Mommy Bri work to learn to sew!

Molly was busy painting puppies!

Making homemade Bouncy Balls was a big hit!

We made some paper snowflakes!

I received many great gift... a picture from Disney, a corkscrew wreath
and this necklace featuring all 5 of my gems with their birthstones!
Layla, Mya, Cayden, Molly and Sarah!

For Papa...

While Dave and I had some fun in Florida before Christmas

Tim and Beckie planned a little surprise for when we got home...

Sign said....

But I could not wait!  Tim took down wallpaper and repainted our down stairs bathroom!
It looks so great!

Sarah and Molly planned a fun New Years Eve party with friends!

Papa went to Sarah's 4 grade Holiday Feast~
They had a great time together!

Meanwhile, back in Grand Junction~
Someone did some dancing on sewer caps for GG in heaven!

My girl Layla is getting so big!

Christmas was fun for her this year!

My Miss Sassy~

Lalya and her Papa Tegan!

Silly girl with her Mommy, Kelley!

Here are some great shots of what happens when it snows in Grand Junction,
which isn't as often as you would think!

I also got to spend some quality time with Sarah~
we played lots of games together!

I then headed to Van Wert to spend some time with 
Cayden and Mya! 

I stayed a few days then brought Mya home with me for 5 days...
Cayden had school but he was excited to know I would meet him and his Mom
halfway on Friday to bring him home with me for the weekend!

This is the big hug...

they gave each other!

It was fun to have Mya all by herself for a bit!

Maybe one day I'll get my Laylabug to myself too!

That would be so fun!