Thursday, March 20, 2014

It's Science, really...

I took a little trip to Van Wert to see my precious gems!

Mya was happy to see me!

We decided to surprise Mya and her brother Cayden with a 
trip into Fort Wayne.  We didn't tell them where or what we were going
to do.  Cayden tried guessing all the way there!

Mya loves her big brother so much!
He is pretty fond of her too!

Crazy girl!

They were so excited when we got to the Science Center!
Cayden remembered when he was 3 and he came here for the first time!

We had fun in the wacky mirrors~

Cayden scaled the WALL, and did his best SUPERMAN pose!

We even tried to stand up in the tilted house!

Cayden sent a picture to Uncle Tegan when he found this skateboarding bowl!

Mya is pretty good at it!

Water Works!

Cayden meet the "keeper" who took a shinning to Cayden and let him meet
a few special friends he takes care of...

Isn't she cute?

Then there was this little guy~
Cayden had a lot of questions and our new friend took the time to 
answer them all!

I am picking my gems up tomorrow for a 
 (I can't wait)