Monday, November 2, 2015


Dave and I traveled to Van Wert this year!
I was able to do Mya and Cayden's Halloween make up!  Cayden was a Muscle Pirate!!
He said he looked like Uncle Tegan and we all agreed!! Ha!
Mya was a beautiful witch!

We went into town on Saturday to Trick Or Treat at the businesses on Main Street!

It was a bit cold!
A lady from Van Wert makes these crazy creature costumes and they stand around taking photos with the children!  Mya wasn't a bit afraid of these creatures!!

Cayden was more cautious but then he jumped in for pictures too!

My Laylabug was excited for Halloween too!
Layla was SPIDER GIRL!  Isn't she darling!
Posing so pretty... Ready to save the world!
In Wakeman,  Molly dressed in a costume that make her look so exotic!  Look at those big brown eyes!!
Julia, soccerplayer and Sarah, fifties girl with Molly... All looking so cute! 
Beckie & Tim... Happy newlyweds!

In other news... Sarah did gave me a lesson on her clarinet!  I could not get a sound out until she corrected my mouth and lips...

I did finally get a little sound out... It is NOT easy to learn Clarinet!!  Mad props to my Rosie, who has picked it up so easily!!