Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Meet your teacher night!

Sarah and Molly were excited to go to
"Meet the Teacher Night" at their school!

Sarah looks very protective of her little sister!
Molly looks like she is BURSTING with happiness
to be going to Kindergarten!

Beckie took all these photos with her phone and 
sent them to me!  Thanks for sharing them!

Sarah has Mrs. Kovach this year.
She tells me that Mrs. Kovach is a
"Smiley" teacher!
Mrs. Kovach will love having my Rosie in her class
this year!

Molly has Mrs. Dalton this year.
Molly is so excited about this school year!
She does get quiet and shy... notice the hand wringing going on
in this picture!
Mrs. Dalton will love having my Brown Eyed Girl in her class!

I woke early to call Sarah this morning to wish her
a happy first day!  Beckie sent these pictures my way...
Sarah looks ready for Grade 2!

Her Mommy posed this photo on Facebook and said...
"She has everything she needs for grade 2. I can't 
wait to hear about her first day!"
She does have all she needs! 

Little Levi is having another great day with his Nana and Papa!

So is Wyatt!

Tomorrow I will head out Beckie's way to witness the 
morning routine as our Molly gets on the bus with
her sister for the first time!

Where does the time go?