Thursday, May 20, 2010

Men At Work!

Deck replacement has begun! Dave was lucky enough to have our son Danny helping...
His good buddy Bob working,
our son in law Donny in the trenches,
and our son in law Cyle working, while his wife sat and watched!
Until the girls decided they wanted a hand in demolition... Watch your head Cyle!
Beckie and Bridget taken promptly off task!! They did look good in the safety glasses though~
Progress moved right along. The pool was emptied, liner ripped out and deck construction continued. More to come on that project!! We are replacing wood with TREK decking. It should last FOREVER... no more staining the deck every year... woohoo!!! Tegan... you would love this project! We are missing having your help here! Men at work...
Dave and Cyle, working themselves into a corner!
All this and a big party here on the 30th!!! Will it be done?? Stay tuned!