Thursday, September 16, 2010

School Fundraiser!

Western Reserve School had an assembly. They explained to the students how wonderful it would all be... they showed them the wonderful prizes they could win! They cheered and hollered! They danced in the aisles! It was so very exciting! Sarah could hardly wait to get home and tell her Mom and Dad all about it! I was there when she got off the bus too!

"Mom, there is something in my bag that you must only use blue or black ink on it!" she said! Her face all light up like it was Christmas or something!

Beckie said, " Oh really, I can't wait to see what it is!"

It was the PACKET! Sarah could hardly contain her brainwashed excitement!!! She wanted to win this, this and this!!

All we had to do was BUY SOMETHING!

She came over and gave her Papa and Dagmara her sales pitch, and I think she had them at Hello!
They were buying it HOOK LINE and SINKER!
After all... just look at this list of great prizes!~
"HAVE A BALL" SELL, SELL, SELL, they said at school~

And so it begins... Will Sarah sell enough? Oh my...