Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sun Kissed~

I have so much catching up to do!  It's crazy how life gets away from you~ one event blends into another and yet another!  My blog is printed into books~ journals of my days so I have to finish posting some really great MEMORIES~
Four of my little gems... missing Layla Lynn!
Sarah is getting so tall, Molly so outgoing, Mya so talkative, and Cayden so funny!

Even my girls are comical!

Pasta night at the club~

Bri with her babies~
I love this picture because Bri looks so sun kissed!

My Brown~eyed girl
Molly Carolyn

Beckie and Mason
Looking so excited to see the Easter Bunny at brunch!

Everyone was thrilled~

Tim and Beckie watching the kids hunt eggs on the golf course!

Four Unite!

"Hang on... Meme needs one more picture!"

Can you believe it's already July?