Monday, May 2, 2011

Arms full of LOVE!

Yes, my arms are full of Love! Mya and Layla!

Oh dear... No, No Layla, don't even think about it!

Layla the cabaret girl! "They call her LAYLA., she's a showgirl....'

Mommy and Mya love the water~

Mya borrows a headband from the showgirl!

Layla Lynn pretty in pink!

Cayden plays the big boy games with Papa and "Uncle" Rick!

Tegan gets Dave up early to do some work in the garage! Newly painted walls then they paint and speckle the floor! It looks great!

A girl in a box~

Cayden wants to feed Layla but she has another idea...
She likes to hold the bottle herself now!
She really has a "hand" on this task!

Mya Brynn models another of Layla's pretty headbands!

Cayden, Bri and Mya~ enjoying their vacation!

Cayden loves the "little pool"~
He is busy, busy, busy~ swimming every day!
I love him~

Oh my...
a baby on a waterfall! Look out baby!
Who is responsible for this child?
No worries... Mommy was under water holding her!

Pedicure time for the baby girls. Bri painted Mya's toes so Tegan did Layla's too!
Look! She likes having her nails done!

Time for some pictures!
Mya says, "This gets old, doesn't it Layla? They paint our toes just to take pictures"
Layla says, " Yep."
"Next they will want to paint our fingernails too!"
"That's a funny thought~ I won't hold still for that!"
"Ha", says Layla, "Me either!"

Fun in the stroller...
The girls say..." Look at our cute toes! "

Lunch at the pool!

Game nights!

On the shuttle to the beach~ Can you guess what we saw?

That's right, DOLPHINS! One came right up to the side of the boat and looked right at Cayden! Still have more to share!