Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Changes...

Our home in Florida is having yet another update! This is the master bath...
This is the master bath after the guys do their demolition! Bob, Ken, Rick and Dave started the process after the rest of the golfing buddies went home last week!

Ken and Bob headed home and Larry came in to do the tile work with Dave! Dave is given the cutting job!
Larry does the tile work...
These two are quite the team!
The shower is looking good!
Floor tiles done too!
Jeanette came in to spend some time with Larry~ They will travel to visit her mom once Larry is finished up in the bathroom! Dave stayed an extra day to help get it done, then left the rest in Larry's capable hands!

Rick left my house, after the shower weekend and his birthday celebration, on Monday~ just as Dave got home! What a crazy life~ coming and going~ who's on first? HA!

When Rick got home he went down to my house and shot this video!

I can't wait to get there to see it myself! Only 23 days till we all get together there for Easter! Layla will meet all her cousins~ We can hardly wait!