Wednesday, May 11, 2011

SeaWorld, Kristin and her Whales!!

After we left Bonita Springs, we traveled to Orlando! We went to see Kristin and her Whales at SeaWorld! My friend Julie, Kristen's mom, was there too! Julie loved meeting Bridget's babies! Mya loved Julie too!
Cayden had seen videos of Kristin in her show at SeaWorld and watched and hollered to EVERY trainer... "KRISTIN~ KRISTIN!"
"Hi Kristin" Never mind there were killer whales swimming in the pool~ Cayden only cared about Kristin!
He was so happy to be there!
The show was fabulous! It is called ONE WORLD.

We had great seats! Julie knows the ins and the outs and showed us where the best view would be!

We haven't seen Kristin since high school graduation so it was so very nice to reconnect! Bridget and Kristin...
I still see the photo of them in kindergarten standing together in front of Julie's house!

Love this picture!

Kristin opened the gate and waved us in... what a thrill for Cayden and all of us!!

She called the "babies" over to say hi to Cayden!

She signaled for him to SMILE at Cayden!

She signaled for him to stick his tongue out!!

She showed Cayden how she signals and whistles "good job" to her whales!

Kristin signaled: WAVE to Cayden!

She did have treats ready for a job well done!
Kristin is very dedicated to her job at SeaWorld~ I am so very proud of her!

Cayden only had eyes for Kristin.... his new hero!

There... Meme got the shot!

Cayden whistles the signal "good job"!
Look at those cheecks!!

Thanks to our friend Kristin! We had a fun day at SeaWorld, your show and at lunch with you!
We can't wait to come back next year! Beckie and her girls want to come visit too!!

Julie, we will let you know dates so we can meet up again!!

Lucky Cayden!