Friday, February 1, 2013

Zip Lining in Costa Rica~ Part Five

This is me.
This is me being BRAVE!
I do not like heights but I made myself do this in Costa Rica!

Look of terror!

Happy to have made it!

So proud I survived~

Dave made it look so easy!

Thumbs up from Dave!
I am not letting go of the cord!
Some of the sights we saw...

Oh those Howlers!

We had a fun group with us!  
My turn again!

So many steps to climb!
What a great workout it was!
Soon we reached the waterfall and hang our helmets and
head down to the water!
The views are spectacular! 

I was content to sit and watch everyone else jump off into the water!

Dave jumped right in~

Runs were long...

I am glad I did it!