Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Games people play...

We played a fun new dice game called FARKLE. One of us put the dice in our drink cup and threw them on the table... ice cubes and all, what a laugh that was!!!
Girls who stayed home and cooked dinner... but don't worry, we went shopping AFTER dinner!!
The day was sunny and hot, finally, and
I took the plunge...
So did a few of my friends!

Sarah and Molly....
Meme found some adorable Easter shoes for her little gems. They have beautiful gems right on them and they shine!! Meme is going to leave surprises here for you, so when you get here for Easter vacation you will be so excited!! I miss you girls and can't wait to see you!!

My little Townsend Cayden... don't you worry! Meme is bringing home lots of handsome stuff for you too! We grandma's love the Carter outlet store! I miss you too, little monkey!