Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ms.Walton... the Preschool Teacher!

Here's Ms.Walton and her girls.
While Sarah is going off to 3rd grade
and Molly is going off to 1st (more on this later)
The BIG NEWS is about Beckie...
She is the new Administrator/Head Teacher at
Western Reserve Preschool!

She has worked hard this summer preparing the room~
She had made some big changes!

We painted cubbies to brighten the room!

A new Parent Mailbox Center... Thanks Goddard school,
is ready to help keep parents informed!

My favorite thing ever...
reminiscent of my Best Beginnings classroom,
a WHO"S HERE Tree.
The children find their owls and add them to
the tree when they come into school!

Snack and Work Center~ tables for doing papers, having snack and
table top activities.

The Art Center is amazing!  
All the treasured art projects will be made here
and then taken home!

Circle time happens here~ 

Math Center~

Science and Blocks ~
So much fun!

A HouseKeeping Center for
dramatic play!
I loved that, on Tuesday, I saw Rough Rider Cheerleader 
and football jerseys hanging in rack just out
of this picture on the left!
Just for the 
Western Reserve  LITTLE Rough Riders!

A Play Loft is perfect for a sweet reading nook
And look closely underneath...

Sarah spent some time doing some art work on the walls
for the little ones!

I am so happy for you Beckie, as you start this
new path.  Always know I love you Rebecca!

While I was away with Sarah and Molly, my friend Roxi asked
Sarah what she thought about her Mom's new preschool
and Sarah said...

"I am really proud of my Mom"