Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday~ The winds of change are a blowing...

It's true.  Times change.  Things change.  Places change. People change. OR do they?  Not MY people... we stay the same.  Our friends stay the same.  We may choose to MOVE, choose to change... but we also choose to stay in touch.  We have deep connections to each other.  Our children grew up together, our lives forever became entangled.  It is a beautiful mess of baptisms, birthday parties, clambakes, graduations, game nights, bridal showers, weddings showers, weddings, baby showers, desperate housewives trips, guys golfing trips,  and the list goes on and on.  And so will we!  Things may be a little different, but different isn't bad, different can be exciting!  We are excited for our friends... life is to short to be torn into so many directions.  Decisions are made to make things less complicated.  Bay Cedar Drive and Camp are excellent places to visit and besides... who among us doesn't have a guest bedroom??  Rick and Roxi... I love you guys!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Remember these?

So when I was a little girl, back on West 67th street, we used to play in "rompers".  Well, my mom called them that, not sure if that's an official name.  They were one piece, elastic at the waist, and you tied them at the shoulders.  This look was quite fashionable, and if you look closely, you will see that it could also be worn with a nice white undershirt!!  Seriously...

Yes... here I am in all my glory.  The year was 1961 and the backyard was the place to be... bricks? and all.

Wow ... a few years later and we are still looking sharp in our "rompers"... matching ones... could this get any worse?   That is my sister, Frankie on the left, and yes, me on the right!  I have absolutely no idea who that is in the middle!  Will you look at the glasses... what was my mother thinking?  At least we don't have on undershirts!  So, I am shopping recently at Target, and I come across this little item.  I can't resist and I buy it for Molly.
                  She wears it well, don't you think??  
What do you remember wearing that has come back to haunt you?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This weeks challenge: FRIENDS!  So very easy and fun!  I had lots of fun this week thinking about my options for pictures.  I threw in some older favorites too!  Beth at I should be folding laundry keeps coming up with great ideas for captures!  

First are my older shots...

This was taken in February in Bonita Springs, Fla.  We called it our Desperate Housewives of Bay Cedar girls getaway!  We go together every year.  Roxi and I have houses on the same street so we each invite 4 friends and we just have a great week... just us girls!  By the way this shot was featured here!  Gotta love that Gypsy Feet website!

This is a picture of my son Tegan, the morning he left for his new job in Grand Junction, Colorado.  Saying goodbye to his girl Bella Bo in January 08.  Tegan has a new puppy named after his Bella, who is in doggy heaven, and his name is BO!  BO is a lot like his namesake Bella Bo in so many ways... one being how he really liked loving on Dave!!

                            Bo and Dave... new friends!

  My sister, Frankie, and her son Jack on the day he was sworn into the Marines!  Best Friends... who were proud of each other on that day!  Frankie was proud of Jack for his determination and his love of his country.... and Jack, well, he was just proud that Frankie held it together... almost!!

    Danny and Molly... friends for 2 years now!!  They are both 2 years old!
           Melissa and Debbie, mother and daughter, ... BEST FRIENDS!
    Sarah Rose Walton and her two best friends for the day!  Whitey and Blackey!
Molly Carolyn Walton and her best friend ... Luv-Luv, the elephant blankie she just loves to hold while sucking her thumb.  Oh yeah, she loves that baby too!
   Sisters... BEST FRIENDS... most of the time!
Meme and Molly (and Luv-Luv... do you see him there on the bottom?) So many little time!  To see more visit here!

Tuesday Treats!

Early Tuesday morning treat... just thinking about yesterday's fun at the Ice Cream Social!

Not one princess... TWO!

                     All in all... IT WAS PRETTY SWEET!

Monday, July 27, 2009

My Book is here!

So very EXCITED! I was on a website that offered "Blog to Book", and I took advantage of it!! I simply clicked away and within MINUTES they had a sample of my BLOG in a BOOK! I ordered and it has arrived after only a few days and the quality is excellent! 
I am so loving it...


Post edit... Girls... its The Cutest blog on the Block
Look on the left for Blog to Book in the Other Cool Stuff box!

Monday Memories

My memory for today is one of Sarah, just painting in my kitchen.   Without paper... this girl can paint my heart the most beautiful skies,  sunny days,  and starlight nights... all with her set of piants!  

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend Recap...

So... we found bunnies in a hole in our front yard.  So tiny and sweet.  Molly, Sarah and I are keeping our eye on them to make sure they are ok... reminding Papa not to mow there, reminding everyone else not to step on them either!  

The weekend flew by... computer problems to solve, girls to watch while Mommy went to see Mary Poppins, boy to be watched while Mommy and Daddy went golfing, and a cookout together to end it all.  Oh, did I forget to mention a BACHELORETTE PARTY thrown in there?  Katie is getting married on Sept. 5 so her sister, Erin, hosted a party for her.  We all went to a karaoke bar in Lakewood called Corky's and the girls sang their little hearts out!!  Meigan, mother of the bride took the lead in "Is it in his kiss?", better known as the SHOOP~ SHOOP song, while her friend Mary Annis and I took back ground.  I must say ... we were not that bad!!!  The real highlights, and there were two, were when Celeste sang "Like A Virgin" ~ I will never forget it! and when Katie finished singing a song and just yelled out... I'm getting married!    ~    I 'm really getting married... like she was just realizing it then and there.  It was priceless!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Models at Meme's!

I had two beautiful models come over today for photo shoots.  The idea was to take some photos to put up on wall above the beds the girls use when they sleep at Meme's.   I started with a model named Molly.  This girl has incredible brown eyes and a sweet smile!   Molly is quite a feisty little thing... I took 152 shots of this little lady, yes, 1~5~2!  She was a challenge!

Please stand still little Miss Molly... And please just know, I spoke in my sweetest Meme voice, never making her feel pressured, and I just snapped away on continuous mode!  And still... Ok sit down Molly Dolly... Great...

Oh, but look at Meme... say pretty ballerina!!
Oh well...  Next was Sarah.  Another gorgeous model from the Walton agency.  A little more mature than Molly, Sarah has blue eyes and a sweet little dimple when she smiles!!  All right, here we go...

Oh, yes this is great!  Keep it up Miss Sarah...

Well, I did finish my project, with some decent shots that I love and models who were happy with my work as well.  We put the pictures up in groups of 4 and this is how it turned out...

I would recommend both of these models for any ad work you might need done!  They are simply FABULOUS!!

Prayers Needed...

This is little Kate McRae.  She and her family are in need of our prayers.  You can read about Kate's battle here.   You can see videos here  &  here.  God is here, little one.  Just a little bloggers request!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Black and White

This weeks challenge was Black and White. You can see more photos at I should be folding laundry.

One of my favorite subjects... Molly!

Flowers or Weeds?

The most beautiful blue sky with the white~est clouds I have ever seen...  Such a dramatic change!

More Molly...


A view looking UP!