Friday, April 24, 2009

Tegan's handy work!

Here are some shots of the fastest prop jet ... the air ambulance!  Tegan painted this beauty...just check out the sheen!!  I am so proud!


Fun Times...Sunshine!

We had a really fun day yesterday, playing outside on the deck in the SUNSHINE!  Dave commented that we go from 40's to 70's' here in Cleveland.  Where are our 60 degree days?  I like the 70's!!  I insisted they wear their coats outside... Sarah insisted she did not really need her coat!  She is so diplomatic, she doesn't argue, she doesn't fuss, she simply keeps stating over and over again...

"It sure is a really warm day out here today, right Meme?  I don't even think we really need our coats, do you?  What do you think?"

I just smile and give in!  She was right, it was a WARM day!

Molly walks her empty stroller back and forth, while Cayden keeps an eye on her!  He seriously loves that girl!

Townsend Cayden fishes away...he did catch a seahorse!  The girls were so excited!
So very nice...we even had lunch outside!  Good Times!

baby BURPIE bucket!

Look at this great gift idea from my friend Deb!  Baby burp diapers in a bucket with a matching baby wipe case!  You choose some colors, Deb does the work, you have an unique gift for your next baby shower!!

        I just love this!!  If you want one just email her at