Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Mya Brynn~

I should call this a "travel" blog!
I took Sarah and Molly and headed to Van Wert Ohio to
watch Cayden and Mya while their parents went
to a golf outing.

While we were there, we decided to celebrate Mya's birthday
a few days early since I won't be there for the actual birthday.
I really don't think she knew the difference!
Friday, August 17th is this sweethearts birthday~
We sang to her on Tuesday night!

She is 2~
Mya is just a little love.
No more Mya the crya!
Everyone now...
She loved opening presents with most of her cousins
helping her!  We missed our Layla bug tho!
We did FaceTime her and Uncle Tegan for a bit!

Then came a late night four wheeler ride!
Uncle Cyle tried to give Meme a heart attack when he came around
the house like this...
He said... "Calm down... it's in second gear, she isn't going anywhere!"
Then all the big kids got on for a ride!
Again there's that Birthday theme!

It was so fun seeing Cayden with his little buddy Ringo!
He is just the sweetest little Puggle!

We had a big day Tuesday 
and we all were excited to spend the whole day
together on Wednesday!